I am a life theorist at the intersection of music, art, philosophy and science. Before we can really figure out what to do with this life, we first have to understand the rules of how it all works.

I am  – and if that was not heavy enough to deal with, I am compelled. In any of many great books on finding your calling, they ask what you do even if no one is paying you… even if no one is looking. What do you do that you MUST do… that you cannot live without doing. I MUST seek to understand the intricacies of life and what it is to be human. Because I find it somewhat baffling, continually fascinating, and really challenging to understand – why do we do what we do? What makes us feel the way we feel? What is our connection to each other and to this life? and of course… Why are we here? Where did we come from? and most importantly:  How does it all work?

I study what I call LIFE THEORY – how this life works, what it means to be human – what experiences are unique and what are true for all of us? I want to know which rules are law and which can be broken – testing the fences of this adventure we call existence. To that end, I play the role of connector, creator, curator and catalyst.

Songs, Essays and Art are a means to explore, study, understand and express. I write essays about my observations, I write songs to force myself to find just exactly the right small number of words and sounds to encapsulate an idea, and I make art when all else fails to give me insight.

I am an introvert by nature and revel in solitude but am hoping that maybe my explorations will help someone… or that at least I will not forget them.

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(NOTE: This site is being slowly rebuilt from the ashes of my previously hacked site – bear with me as I get older content back into the ether.)

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