I was born in Fayetteville, Tennessee and spent the first three months of my life living in a trailer dodging tornadoes near the Alabama border. At three years old, we moved to Florida where I had a very typical middle class life in a nice little neighborhood, playing in the streets and basically running wild as kids back then tended to do. I was glorious. I didn’t care what anyone thought. I made art, wrote lyrics, sang in the shower, meditated and journaled about life and being human. I conducted chemistry experiments in my closet, much to the worry of my parents but they liked encouraging my scientific side. I was a pretty good student, although not the straight A variety. I was constantly in trouble for questioning my parents, and mostly for breaking any rule they put in front of me. I guess I am a natural troublemaker.

What I’m Proud Of: Tons of time outside running, playing and adventuring, dozens of songs, poems, essays, time spent meditating and creating art, and a county science fair win for Chemistry at the stoke of my 13th birthday (to the minute).


High School was a time of self consciousness (like it is for all of us). My love of music, art and creativity was systematically and intentionally pushed aside by negative comments, limiting opportunities and outright discouragement in favor of a more technical path in life. My parents meant well as all parents fear that their kids will not grow up and move out with a decent career. They had a powerful ally in my significant other who controlled every aspect of my thought and action towards his own end. It was an unhealthy relationship spanning these 20 years that led me to throw myself into academics and subsequently career. I don’t regret my technical path – I was able to help a lot of people – but I do regret that I did not stand up for what my soul itself compelled by pursuing my creative work at the same time.

What I’m Proud Of: Plant Space Biology Research at NASA (16 years old), PhD in Mathematics (24 years old), Professorship followed by a career in the Defense Industry, Over 20 different projects managed and participated in ranging from AI for spacecraft behavior, to the first Tip and Cue Sensor System, the first see through eyeglass display and countless exciting movie-worthy tales to never tell; Two beautiful souls brought onto this earth; Program Manager at DARPA, Senior Fellow at the Potomac Institute with a focus on STEM Education, an online TV show, article site and podcast reaching 1.3 million in audience, 7 published books, hundreds of articles and dozens of technical papers.


This was a time of breaking free – free from unhealthy relationships, free from control, negativity, career restraints, and just about everything else. There is no change without loss and pain, and there is no pain without growth. It was a time of self re-discovery and hard lessons and fighting for the freedom to be me. It was the most painful and difficult period of my life in every respect but the smartest thing I had ever done up to that point. I was broke, deeply in debt and finally free; frankly it was a hell of a lot of fun.
What I’m Proud Of: I had the courage to do it.
From 37 to 41 is quite literally the most remarkable period in my life. I was blessed with the kind of real, true love that goes soul-deep. The kind of where-have-you-been-I’ve-been-waiting-for-you, knew you for a thousand years and here we are again, comfortable and perfect from the first moment love. It’s the kind of love that helps you unpack your pain, past and baggage and dig down to the you that was there all along. My soul mate set me free and gave me the wings to pursue the true compelling of my heart… he also taught me how to play guitar, and plays with me on countless tracks and in our rare live shows. Music and Art began to flood out of me along with essays and thoughts. This was a reawakening that has brought me back to myself. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

What I’m Proud Of: Three albums, several art pieces, tons of essays and the list keeps growing; Established a network of the top 5% of tutors in our local area and helped lots of students love or at least tolerate Math, Science and other subjects; several tattoos and piercings – the wild child is BACK.

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