PROs Harassing Local Small Businesses – KOABD Fights Back!

Hey there, Purcellville! We hear through the grapevine that SESAC, a performance rights organization is harassing local small businesses in cheap jerseys china our area that oakley outlet play music (live AND radio/playlist). If this NFL Jerseys China keeps going, venues will simply stop playing music of any kind and that’s not a world we want to be in. SO… KAOBD has made some changes: FIRST, if you Cheap Jerseys From China are a small business in our beloved Purcellville, Główna we will personally bring you a free CD with performance rights included to play in your store/restaurant/venue all you like (message us on Facebook!). SECOND, with nearly cheap jordans online two albums under our belts, we will be focusing our shows on 100% original music. We own the rights and you have the right to enjoy it ;-) So if you are a small business that can’t afford SESAC’s $1000 fees, tell them where to stick it; we’ve got your back!

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